A first in Turkey from technology leader Multitek: BULUT İNTERKOM

Multitek Elektronik continues to change its intercom habits with its Cloud Intercom products and services developed as a result of domestic R&D studies.

03 May 2022

Multitek Elektronik continues to change its intercom habits with its Cloud Intercom products and services developed as a result of domestic R&D studies. Multitek Cloud Intercom is a new generation IP intercom system that combines cloud technology and advanced intercom technology to provide users with continuously accessible intercom service via mobile phone.

With the addition of uninterrupted mobile phone access to intercom systems, a brand new user experience emerges that increases comfort and security. With different types of solutions for villas and apartments, do not leave your home with you wherever you are!

Don't keep your guests waiting at the door!

Thanks to Cloud Intercom, the call comes to your pocket as soon as your guest touches the doorbell, wherever you are in the world. With excellent audio and video quality, you can open the door while making real-time video calls and drive the intruders away from your door. The cargo you expected has arrived, but you are not at home yet? You can ask the cargo officer to open the apartment door and leave the cargo in front of your apartment.

In the pocket of all family members at the time of video call

In Bulut Intercom, you can monitor incoming calls when you are not at home, both from the apartment monitor and from the missed calls section of the Multitek Cloud application. The video call comes to the mobile phone of all family members at the same time, the family member who answers the call is connected to the door.

Economic solution for multi-storey multi-block apartments

There is no need for additional infrastructure investment for Cloud Intercom. The system, which does not need additional cost items such as a separate computer, static IP, server, is designed with a plug-and-play logic. All you need to install the system is Multitek Cloud door panel and internet connection.

There is no need for budgetary materials such as cabling, pipe laying, junction boxes, risers, service to devices, which are needed in classical systems. Cloud Intercom saves both time and money.

Fast economic solution for old apartments or sites that require mobile control

When apartments with old wiring, poor sound quality, and an intercom system, which is hard to renovate, add a single Multitek Cloud Door Panel in front of the door or security, without the need to dismantle the old system, all apartment and site residents can access Bulut Intercom within minutes. In order to get intercom service, the apartment has the latest technology solution without forcing the site budget.

One app for all your homes

You can add all the residences you live or own to the Multitek Cloud application. You can continuously monitor your devices located in different locations such as home, office, summer house, through a single mobile phone application, and be sure of their security. The system is designed to expand as needed. You can connect an unlimited number of devices to each location you add. For example, you can increase security by attaching a door panel to the back door of your office. Or, if you add the Cloud Intercom at your mother's house to your locations, you can keep track of who came to the door and when.

Flexible applications brought by the cloud world

There is no limit to what you can do with Cloud Intercom! Among the most popular applications, it can be used as an authorized person access system in indoor areas (eg production area, operating room), to open the parking barrier gate or to open the site main entrance gate. Just imagine the usage area with the Cloud Intercom that can be accessed all the time over the internet! With domestic R&D product cloud intercom technologies, apartments are now very smart and safe.


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