ADZ-110 Optical Smoke Detector with Internal Isolator

Product Description

Product ID: 2Y 02 03 0001

  • Thanks to the Light Scatter principle, an alarm is generated by detecting the smoke particles in the environment.
  • Adjustable 3 level detection sensitivity (High, Medium, Low)
  • Metal mesh to prevent insects, flies and foreign objects from entering the smoke detection chamber
  • Sudden dust, smoke, etc., which may cause false alarms. special software algorithms that detect and eliminate external factors
  • User or auto-programmable Day/Night operation mode for alarm verification
  • Adaptive protection that prevents false alarms by continuously sampling its environment
  • Pollution algorithm developed for stable and accurate operation, easy to clean smoke chamber
  • 2 LED indicators for 360° view
  • Alarm current 3 mA, Standby current:80 uA max.
  • LED notification with two different colors (Blue/Red) to show fault and alarm conditions separately, yellow LED notification that is active in case of short circuit with its insulator structure.
  • Possibility to connect parallel warning lamp
  • Designed with 2 NTCs to provide more precise and accurate temperature measurement
  • The detector is in A2S class and gives an alarm at 55°C in this frame.

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