After Sales Services

  • Our technical service provides service between 8.30 and 18.30 on weekdays. Technical service is not provided on public holidays and holidays.
  • Our service process is 20 working days and starts from the receipt of the product by our company. Shipping time is not taken into account.
  • The products left/sent to the technical service must be received within 90 working days. The company is not responsible for products that are not delivered on time.
  • The service amount is determined after the system test process.
  • If the repairs of out-of-warranty defective products are above the limits set for switchboards and intercom devices, they are processed in line with the customer's confirmation e-mail. The responsibility for delays that may arise due to the approval process belongs to the customer. Waiting time at the service for approval is 20 working days. If approval is not received, the device is returned to the customer without any action and action is taken in accordance with the next item.
  • Fault Detection Fee is charged for products that are out of warranty and whose repair is not accepted.
  • During the repair or replacement of defective products, information such as device settings or records, technical problems that may arise during the repair, etc. It can be deleted irreversibly for reasons. The responsibility of keeping a copy of the information belongs to the user, and our company is not responsible for the negative situations that may occur in case of deletion of such information.
  • Repaired products out of warranty are guaranteed for 6 months from delivery.
  • Problems caused by dropping, breaking, abnormal or abuse, replacement of parts in the device, liquid contact, high voltage are not covered by the warranty.

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