homes are safe with multitek alarm management!

Make your home smart and secure in minutes with Multitek Smart IP Intercom systems, don't worry about it. Your home is under...

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01 May 2023
security and comfort come together in multitek linux ip intercom!

Linux IP Intercom allows you to communicate with your visitors with excellent audio and video quality. Thanks to its...

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01 April 2023
multitek cloud intercom seminar attracted great attention in alanya!

The Cloud new technologies seminar organized by Multitek in Alanya attracted great attention. In the seminar where valuable...

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01 June 2023
special jury award from tesid to multitek!

“20. TESID Innovation and Creativity Awards found their owners. Multitek mobile intercom project was awarded the Special Jury...

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04 November 2022
multitek elektronik celebrated its 33rd anniversary with its employees!

Multitek Elektronik celebrated its 33rd year, which it proudly completed on its way with domestic production and domestic R&D,...

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03 September 2022
the power of women in domestic production!

Happy 8 March International Working Women's Day! We know the value of women's participation in the workforce and we celebrate...

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04 March 2022
multibus video door intercom for safety and security

With the Multibus Intercom System, which has a unique design and excellent image and sound quality, there is no way for intruders!

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01 January 2023
multitek ip intercom family expanded: meet lim-43 apartment monitor

Linux IP Intercom family, which makes dozens of homes safer and smarter with its user-friendly interface and advanced...

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15 December 2022
uninterrupted communication with multitek telephone exchanges!

A telephone exchange is a telecom system that basically coordinates incoming and outgoing call traffic, providing uninterrupted...

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13 October 2022
next generation multitek cloud ip intercom: faster, more private

Multitek, the pioneer of the IP Intercom industry, increases the comfort and security of homes with its new generation IP...

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03 August 2022
intercom from security point to mobile phone - bulut i̇nterkom security

Multitek Elektronik, a technology pioneer in intercom, aims to make homes accessible and safer with products and services...

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03 July 2022
only you open your apartment door with the method you want!

While Multitek door panels increase security at the apartment door, it offers many solutions for the residents of the apartment...

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04 June 2022
a first in turkey from technology leader multitek: bulut i̇nterkom

Multitek Elektronik continues to change its intercom habits with its Cloud Intercom products and services developed as a result...

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03 May 2022
linux ip intercom adds value to projects!

Comfort and security at home increase with Multitek IP Intercom System with Linux operating system.

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03 April 2022
homes are now very smart with wireless technologies!

It is very easy to make homes smart in minutes with devices that can be controlled via Multitek IP Intercom monitor and mobile...

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03 February 2022
multitek says hello to the new year with two new designs!

Multitek, advancing with the slogan of domestic production, domestic R&D, in the 33rd year of its activity, proudly presents...

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15 December 2021
instantly see who's coming with the multibus intercom system!

Don't open the door until you see who's coming, don't risk your safety!

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09 November 2021
q&a with adnan demirkol

As Multitek Elektronik, we started our activities in Istanbul in 1989!

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17 September 2021
sites are safe with ip security console!

The Security Console (GUV-IP100) in the Multitek IP Intercom System product group provides comprehensive intercom and access...

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10 July 2021
with multitek, wherever you are in the world, do not leave your home with you!

The project, developed by Multitek engineers with the support of TÜBİTAK, is not only a first in Turkey, but also stands out as...

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16 June 2021
smart intercom in the cloud

No matter where you are in the world with Multitek, do not leave your home with you!

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16 June 2021

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