Cloud IP Intercom


What is Cloud Intercom?

Cloud Intercom is a mobile intercom service. Whenever your visitors ring your door, you receive a notification to your Multitek Cloud mobile application.

Can I open the door via Cloud Intercom?

Yes, you can release the door relay, make real-time video calls and take screenshots during calls from Multitek Cloud.

How many locations can I control via Multitek Cloud app?

There is no location limit, you can manage as many doors as you want through a single mobile application. You can add limitless number of smart devices to each location as well!

Is Cloud Intercom secure? How is data security ensured?

To register to Bulut Interkom, only your email address is sufficient. In the Multitek system, as little data as possible is kept in compliance with GDPR. Full ownership of the system belongs to Multitek Elektronik, there is no dependence on external sources. The product, which is a hundred percent domestic product of Multitek, is protected by many software measures against external attacks.

Does Cloud Intercom work without a room monitor?

Yes! A new era has begun in intercom. You can use all VILLA, APARTMENT and SECURITY cloud solutions without a room monitor. Connecting the outdoor panel or security console to internet is the only requirement to set up Multitek Cloud Intercom. This way, you will build mobile intercom in minutes and save time and money. If you want to use smart home control, then you need a monitor or smart gateway.

How does the system work when the internet is cut off?

In order to use the intercom features via the mobile application, the door panel must have an internet connection. If the internet is interrupted, the door panel and monitors continue to work, and notifications cannot be sent to the mobile application.

How many people can connect to the system?

4 mobile devices in each flat can connect to the system. You can purchase additional user licences to increase the number of users.

How many flats, blocks, security consoles and door panels can be connected to Cloud Intercom?

There is no restriction on the number of devices that can be connected to the system. An unlimited number of blocks, flats, floors, security consoles and door panels can be connected.

Which application should I download for Cloud Intercom?

By downloading the Multitek Cloud application, you can start controlling the intercom, smart home and alarm devices in your home. You can find the application on Google Play and App Store.

What does Smart Cloud Intercom mean? Which devices can I control?

Multitek Smart Intercom; It is a system that provides control of intercom, smart home and alarm management via a single monitor and mobile phone application. The system works with door panels, apartment monitors and smart home devices. All devices are controlled via the Multitek Cloud application.

What can I control with a smart home?

You can control all the devices in your home! Electricity, water, light, curtains, shutters, heating and irrigation control are just a few of them. You can increase both your safety and comfort with scenarios that suit your needs. You no longer have to worry about whether the heater is left on when you leave the house.

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