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Never miss a visitor again with Multitek Cloud Intercom! Cloud Villa is a mobile intercom solution for single family villas.

When your guest rings your doorbell, all family members receive a call via the Multitek Cloud application. The person answering the call starts the video call and opens the door if he/she wishes.

It works with DIP01 Door Panel and Multitek Cloud application, no additional device is needed. Room monitors are not mandatory to run the system.


A brand new era in intercom technologies!

Multitek Cloud Intercom is a mobile intercom product where you can control all intercom, smart home and security alarm features via your mobile phone. Never miss a visitor again!

When the doorbell rings, all family members receive a call to their mobile phones at the same time via Multitek Cloud application. The family member who answers the call starts a video call with the guest and unlocks the door if he/she wishes.

Multitek Cloud Intercom is a Multitek R&D Center project, all hardware and software belongs to Multitek. and all databases are located in Turkey.


Get ready to change your habits with the technology-oriented system

No cabling, no additonal infrastructure cost! Cloud Intercom is a stand alone system. Only one door panel or security console is required to run the system. Room monitors are not mandatory. Save the time and cost from all cabling and hardware. 

You can add additional door panels, cameras, apartment monitors and smart home devices to the system according to your needs, and you can control them all through the same mobile application and apartment monitor. Cloud Intercom works with all devices in the Multitek Smart IP Intercom family.

Much more than intercom services

  • When the doorbell rings, an instant call is sent to all phones registered in the room over the Multitek Cloud application at the same time, and the person who answers the call starts video chatting with the door

  • You can unlock the door for your guests or deliveries from anywhere in the world

  • Even if you miss the call from the door, the screenshot is saved in the mobile application

  • You can add and monitor as many locations as you'd like (i.e. summer home, office, my mother's home)

  • You can add unlimited number of door panels, security consoles and external cameras to each location

  • External cameras can be added and monitored from the app (i.e. in the entrance area where the security guard is located)

For single family homes: CLOUD VILLA

  • It is used with DIP-01 door panel with aluminum body, water and dust resistant IP65 protection class.

  • An unlimited number of door panels, apartment monitors and external cameras can be connected to the system.

  • Unlimited number of door panels, apartment monitors and mobile user capacity

  • When the doorbell rings, all family members registered in the flat receive a call at the same time.

  • With the built-in relay in the product, the apartment door, garden door, garage door opens.

  • Alarm and smart home features are controlled by the apartment monitor

Get connected with 4 simple steps 

1) Download "Multitek Cloud" app for free from App Store and Google Play. You can try "Demo mode" without creating a user to have a quick look at the application. 


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2) Create your user with your e-mail address.


Add your door using your Digital ID

3) Connect your door panel to the internet.

4) Add your door by scanning the QR code on the "Multitek Digital Identity" document of your door panel.






Your mobile intercom is ready!

  • Now you can answer the calls coming from the door and unlock the door even if you are not at home.

  • When your guest rings the doorbell, a notification is sent to the mobile phone of all family members registered at home at the same time. You can also find information about which member of your family answered the call in the calls section.

  • Even if you do not check the application when the doorbell rings, a snapshot is saved in the mobile application.

  • You can take screenshots or recordings during the call

Manage all your locations and devices in one app

  • You can add multiple doors, security, external cameras and apartment monitors for each of your locations. (i.e. front door, back door, garage door)

  • You can add and monitor as many locations as you'd like (i.e. summer home, office, my mother's home)

  • Easily add and remove users to locations via the app

  • Manage all the intercom and smart home features in your home through a single application!

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