Homes are Safe with Multitek Alarm Management!

Make your home smart and secure in minutes with Multitek Smart IP Intercom systems, don't worry about it. Your home is under control with security alarm devices that the whole family can control over both the apartment monitor and mobile phones.

01 May 2023

Installing Multitek security alarm systems is as easy as using them. Having 8 alarm zones (8 zones), either wired or wireless, the apartment monitor is an ideal option to increase your security. This apartment monitor allows you to easily manage the alarm system. You can perform operations such as activating or deactivating the alarm via the mobile phone or the apartment monitor. In this way, you can be sure that you are safe by activating the alarm when you leave your home or office. With "At Home", "Away" and "Asleep" scenario options, you can activate the scenarios you choose with a single click.

You can connect any number of alarm detectors to your apartment monitor. You can connect with various detectors such as heat, gas, smoke, door/window magnetic sensors, PIR (motion) sensors, flood sensors, glass break sensors. Thus, you can get a quick alert in case of a potential danger or theft attempt in your home.

This apartment monitor, which also offers the possibility to connect a siren and set the siren sounding time, is customized according to the needs of your apartment. You can adjust the volume and playing time of the siren according to your wishes. This allows you to be alerted by a warning siren to detect potential hazards.

In the event of an alarm, you can quickly learn the situation and take the necessary measures, even if you are away from home, with the instant notification feature to the site security center console and mobile phone application. Thus, you have the opportunity to intervene in any event immediately.

There is also a special contact output for alarm information transfer. With this feature, you can automatically transfer information to the relevant people in case of an alarm. Thus, security personnel, police or other emergency units can respond quickly.

As a result, it is a solution that increases your security by combining apartment monitor and security alarm management. Features such as 8 wired or wireless alarm zones, alarm management via remote control or touch screen on the device, various detector connections, siren settings, instant notification sending and alarm information transfer offer you full control and convenience to ensure your security. To maximize your home or office security, choose Multitek IP Intercom security alarm management.




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