KKD-30 Conventional Optical Smoke + Heat Detector

Product Description

Product ID: 2Y 01 02 0003

  • Conforms to EN 54-7 and EN54-5 Standards
  • Detects smoke particles in the environment via Light Scatter principle and generates alarm
  • Detector is A2S class, and alarm is activated at 55oC
  • 2 LED indicators enabling viewing from all directions
  • Two different color of LEDs to individually display error and alarm conditions (Blue/Red)
  • Metallic cage and special protection circuit elements to increase EMC and LVD resistance and to prevent associated faulty alarms
  • Special software algorithms to eliminate sudden dust, smoke, etc. external factors that may result in faulty alarms
  • Metallic cage preventing entrance of bugs, flies and foreign objects into detector sensing chamber
  • Adaptive protection preventing faulty alarms by sampling the environment continuously
  • Advanced pollution algorithm that continuously measures pollution level and warning the user from detector and panel screen for stabile and accurate operation
  • Insert type contact structure eliminating non-contact problems
  • Parallel indicator light connection option
  • Easy to clean smoke chamber
  • Aesthetic and elegant design fits any environment
  • Compatible with any brand of conventional fire panel

 Operation Type

 Optical and Heat

Device Type


Detection Level

-0,15db/m, A2S( between 55-70°C)

 Average (quiescence)

 30μA (@24V)

 Alarm Current

 50mA (@24V) (470 ohm resistancee limit) 

Operating Voltage

 18VDC (min) – 30VDC (max) 

 Parallel indicator light current

 10mA (@24V) (2K2resistance limit)

Start Time

15 second

Cable cross-section

 0.4mm² ~ 1.5mm² 

Status Indicator LED’s

 Blue (Blinking)

 Alarm Indicator LED

Red (Continuous)

 Trunk Material and Color

 ABS Plastic White


 Ø:110mm, H:42mm 

 Weight (with the base)


Operating Temperature

 -10°C +70°C 


 95% RH( non-condensing)

Ingress Protection



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