KP-40 Conventional Fire Alarm Panel With 4 Zones

Product Description

Product ID: 2Y 01 01 0001

  • EN 54-2 and EN 54-4 Certification
  • Fully monitorable 4 zone capacity
  • Maximum 32 units of Multitek Conventional fire detectors can be connected to each zone
  • User-friendly, easy to manage indicator panel
  • Separate fire and error LEDs for each zone
  • Smart charging system extending battery Life
  • Smart protection system that prevents direct starting of device from battery for security reasons
  • Walk-through test function that can be performed by a single person
  • Disabling of each zone individually
  • lnspection feature via siren outputs and zone inputs Line end resistances against faulty connections
  • 2 X 500mA siren outputs allowing maximum 50 Multitek KFS-30 siren connection
  • 24 VDC 500mA external supply output with automatic fuse (AUX)
  • 1 N C/NO fire relay (Button alarm, detector alarm, etc.)
  • 1 N C/NO error relay (Energy failure, zone failure, battery failure etc.)
  • Key system to define intervention authority level
  • Removable cover design enabling easy installation
  • Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) (27.6VDC SMPS 1.5Ah Automatic Fuse)


Number of Zones

4 pcs

Detectors per zone

32 pcs

Zone Terminating Resistor

4K7 ohm, %5, 1/4W

Siren Fuse

2 pcs 500 mA

Siren Output Number

2 pcs 24VDC (15 device, 32 mA per each device)

Output Current

Should not exceed 1.4A

Terminating resistor for Siren

4K7 ohm,%5, 1/4w

General Error Relay

1 pcs NC/NO contact, 30V, 2A

Fire Relay

1 pcs NC/NO contact, 30V, 2A

Auxiliary DC Output

1 pcs 24VDC

Auxiliary DC Output Fuse

1 pcs 500 mA

Cable Type

2 x 1.5 mm² J – Y (St) Y ... Lg

Mains Input Voltage

230 / 110 VAC (+%10 / -%15)

Mains Input Frequency

50 / 60 Hz (+- %5)

Mains Input Fuse


Power Cable Type

3 x 1.5mm^2 (Phase, Notre, Ground)


2 x 12V, 7Ah

Battery Shut-down voltage

20,5 V

Battery internal resistance fault

Resistance > 1,5 ohm

Maximum current drawn from battery

When the mains power is not connected 2A


4A (F2)

Battery Charging Voltage

at 20°C 27.6VDC, temperature compansated

Battery Charging Current

500 mA / resistance limited








4.4 Kg (without battery)

Trunk Material and color

Metal-Light Grey


340 X 300 X 100 mm

Operating Temperature

-10°C ~ 55°C


95 %RH (non-condensing)

Ingress Protection



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