LIGHT02 Wireless RF Light Module

Product Description
  • It is used to control any type of lamp, including LED.
  • Two-way (feedback) module
  • Two lamps can be controlled.
  • The switch is placed inside the wall and the switch ends are connected.
  • Product Code: 9G 07 02 0003

No need to destroy the house! Instantly turn your home into a smart home with wireless devices.

  • Any number of wireless modules can be added into the apartment
  • Wireless modules are introduced to the apartment monitor in seconds
  • Control is provided both from the apartment monitor and from Multitek Cloud mobile app. All family members can control via mobile phone.
  • Two-way communication is made. Information about a manual operation (for example, turning on a light manually) can also be monitored via the monitor and mobile phone.
  • Thanks to encryption, interference between modules is not possible. There is no possibility of mixing with modules of different flats.
  • The operating frequency is 433.92 MHz.



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