LIM-70 Wifi Room Monitor

Product Description

User friendly Linux based 7" touch screen with integrated alarm functionalities

Wireless connection to flat's internet and seamless mobile connection. Never miss a visitor again and connect to your visitors via Multitek Online application.


Increase the value of your home starting today..

Multitek Linux IP Intercom adds value to homes with its advanced intercom features, built-in alarm feature and stylish design. The system used safely in thousands of homes; It is easy to install, increasing the security of the apartment and flat.

  • Unlimited apartment-to-flat calling and messaging
  • Opening the door with password and proximity card
  • Defining a special password for each flat
  • Live monitoring of the environmental cameras in the system via the monitor
  • One-touch security, call the doorman and connect to the doors
  • Recording a photo of incoming calls from the door (100 screenshots)
  • Ringing of calls from different units with different melody


Stay safe with fast communication within the apartment

  • Built-in alarm feature. Notifies the security console at the time of alarm

  • Ability to leave a voice message from the door panel to the apartments (eg, I came to drop your delivery, you weren't here, please contact)

  • Sending a broadcast message to all apartments from the security console

  • User guidance with voice commands on the door panel

Connect an unlimited number of flats, door panels and blocks

  • Easily connect an unlimited number of flats, floors, site units

  • Simple network structure without the need for an additional infrastructure (computer, server etc.)

  • Excellent sound and picture quality regardless of the number of flats

  • Network connection via Ethernet (PoE) CAT6 cable

  • Elevator device connection (standard monitor with special software)

  • Linux operating system
  • Wireless internet connection
  • 1024x600 pixel 7" LCD
  • Capacitive touch screen
  • Turkish, English, Russian, Arabic language options
  • 8 zone alarm feature
  • Unlimited calls and messaging between apartments
  • Different ringtones according to call type
  • Picture recording of calls (100 pieces)
  • Connecting 3 parallel monitors to a flat
  • Emergency call button
  • Do not disturb me





  TFT Card

 Can be inserted






 Audio G.711, Video H.264

  Network connection

 Ethernet (PoE)

  Operating voltage

 12-24Vdc (PoE) (nominal 18Vdc)

  Working Current

 90mA stand-by, 300mA active

  Operating temperature

 -10° +55°


 %20-95 (non-condensed)


 Surface mounted

  Color Options




Easy Installation, Happy Users
The system is installed using FLAT MONITOR, DOOR PANEL, PoE SWITCH and ADAPTER.
All devices are connected to PoE SWITCH with CAT6 cable (or fiber cable is used for very long distance). Regardless of the number of apartments, the sound and video are of the same quality and perfect in all apartments.
An unlimited number of apartments, door panels, elevators, doormen, security, security cameras can be connected to the system. All are powered by the PoE switch.

No special training or knowledge is required to install or service the Multitek IP Intercom system. No special program or server is required for installation. If one of the devices is disabled, the rest will continue to work.

It has software that can be controlled via a computer for updating and setting the devices in the system.


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