Linux IP Intercom

Can I control Linux IP Intercom via mobile phone?
Yes, you can control intercom and alarm via Multitek Online application. To use the system, your monitor must be a LIM-70 Wifi Apartment Monitor and connected to the internet.
What is the Linux IP Intercom system capacity?
You can connect an unlimited number of door panels, flat monitors, floors, security consoles and site units to IP systems.
What can I do in Linux IP Intercom?
Linux IP Intercom is an intercom system with advanced intercom and alarm management features. An unlimited number of door panels, flat monitors and security consoles can be connected to the system. There is no channel restriction, all apartments can talk from apartment to apartment at the same time. With its touch screen and advanced intercom features, the system increases security in homes and apartments. For detailed information, you can check out the Youtube videos:

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