MT-26 2 External 6 Internal Lines

Product Description

MT-26 2 External 6 Internal Lines for small enterprises

  • 2 external and 6 extension lines
  • Music, radio etc connection on hold
  • Connecting directly to the PTT line in case of power failure
  • Battery connection
  • Remote service and programming of the exchange
  • MF or DP external lines
  • Ability to connect any standard telephone, fax, modem
  • Door opening circuit
  • Ability to connect internal video phone and camera
  • Ability to connect a doorphone
  • Voice response system (Robot Operator) feature
  • Ability to connect a printer or PC for detailed interview reporting
  • LCR (Cheapest way to call)
  • Ability to show the caller number for internal and external lines,
  • Busy board on the switchboard,
  • Ability to see the caller with standard (CID and DTMF) telephone devices without the need for an additional product for internal calls
  • All optional devices including energy are in a single box,
  • Subscriber restriction (internal, external, long distance, MOBILE etc.)
  • Internal / External call
  • Internal / External line transfer
  • Idle parking external calls
  • Automatic search
  • Call pickup
  • DISA (direct domestic call)
  • PBX feature
  • Connecting external lines
  • Wake-up / Alert service
  • Password, lock phone
  • Automatic search from memory
  • Last number repeat
  • Limit talk time
  • Conferencing to external and internal lines
  • Grouping different lines
  • Ability to connect a doorphone
  • Interruption
  • Watch me
  • Memory dialing
  • Do not be disturbed
  • Direct call to external number (emergency line)
  • Station to station, Station to External Calls
  • Call Transfer
  • Answering External Calls On Wait
  • Automatic Calling the External number
  • Call PICK-UP
  • DISA (Direct Inward Station Acces)
  • PBX Group Features
  • Connection External Lines Together
  • Wake Up / Warning Service
  • Password (Locking Phone)
  • Authomatic Call From Memory
  • Last Number Redial
  • Restriction of External Call Duration
  • Conference with Internal / External Lines
  • Directing External Calls
  • To Another External Number
  • Making Group Of External
  • Instrusion
  • Follow Me
  • Speed Dialing
  • Don't Dısturb
  • Hot Line
  • Night Service
  • Direct Line
  • Serial Call Transfer
  • Carrying Authorization Level
  • And Many Other Features


  2 external lines, 6 extensions


  Digital, registered program control, low energy consumption


  Standard and miscellaneous

  Line resistance

  1 Kohm (including phone)


  Standard, caller ID, fax

  Insertion Loss

  Less than 1dBm

  Cross Talk

  Less than 65dBm


  220VAC 20W

  Working conditions

  0-55 degrees Celsius, non-condensing relative humidity less than 90%


 335 x 325 x 90 mm


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