multibus video door intercom for safety and security

Multibus Video Door Intercom for safety and security

With the Multibus Intercom System, which has a unique design and excellent image and sound quality, there is no way for intruders!

01 January 2023

Open the door by seeing who's coming on my Multibus site and have peace of mind. The system with advanced intercom features consumes less energy and is suitable for green buildings. It increases both the safety and comfort of your home with features such as video calling with the door, talking to the security apartment guard and social facilities, as well as calling the elevator to the floor. External cameras to be connected to the system can be monitored via the apartment monitor.
In order to ensure security, first of all, the image and voice of the person at the door must be taken uninterruptedly and clearly. In the Multibus Doorphone System, the sound and image coming from the door is transmitted perfectly to all apartments. In this way, users can clearly see who is in front of the door and hear their voices. When receiving doorphone systems, attention should be paid to the image and sound quality. If the image of the person standing in front of the door is not clear or his voice does not sound clean, there may be a security problem.
For your security, stop using easily guessed apartment passwords that even intruders know. In the Multibus system, each apartment uses its own password, and the apartments remain safe. The use of the same password in all apartments is one of the points that can create a security vulnerability. Door panels that come out of the factory with a certain password or have passwords that can be easily guessed like 1234 invite thieves. In the Multibus system, each apartment determines its own password, there is no factory password or a common password used by the whole apartment. Easily guessable passwords cannot be determined. For example, passwords such as 1234, 1923 or 1453 cannot be used as apartment passwords for security reasons.
In the Multibus family, there are door panel and apartment monitor options that appeal to different tastes. While door panels have surface-mounted or flush-mounted options, monitors have size and color options.
Multibus system is always open to innovations according to demands from users. For example, with the help of the touch screen of the Multibus MBT-70 apartment monitor, you can call the elevator to the door before leaving the apartment, and you can easily adjust the camera image of the MB-12 Door Panel from the apparatus behind it. You can use the security console for large sites and call other apartments through security.
System installation is very easy whether it is a single flat or a multi-building site. The installer and installer can install the system alone, no additional adjustments are required.

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