Next generation Multitek Cloud IP Intercom: Faster, more private

Multitek, the pioneer of the IP Intercom industry, increases the comfort and security of homes with its new generation IP Intercom family. With its new user-friendly interface and perfecting infrastructure, it meets all the needs of the apartment and flat.

03 August 2022

The new interface, customized according to the preferences of the residents, matches the colors of the house with different background and theme options. Users who choose a beautiful landscape or an abstract background can also use the apartment monitor as a digital picture frame at the entrance of the house.

While smart screens interacting with the user welcome the residents with the defined address, the address specified by the residents can be customized from the settings menu. For example, while the welcome in the apartment where Yılmaz Family lives is "Good Evening Yılmaz Family", it can be "Good Evening Leyla" only in the apartment where Leyla lives. The user can change this setting as he wishes and surprise other family members. “Good Morning, My Dear Wife”

The new generation IP Intercom screen includes live weather information and daily weather forecasts. All apartment monitors and door panels with internet connection have this information.

With the new generation IP Intercom extended alert system, it sends alerts to both the mobile phone and the apartment monitor at the same time. Photos of those who knock on the door when the family is not at home are recorded on the apartment monitor and mobile phone, the security of the house is entrusted to Multitek! Mobile phone connection is provided uninterruptedly and continuously. The user can follow the visitors who press the doorbell from their mobile phone, no matter where they are in the world.

Intercom, security alarm devices and smart home devices can be set up and managed in seconds via the Multitek IP Intercom apartment monitor. The system, in which security alarm and smart home devices can work with different scenarios that can trigger each other, has been designed with both the comfort and safety of the user in mind.

The new generation intercom, which was accelerated and perfected with the perfected hardware infrastructure, was developed locally by the Multitek R&D Center; Proudly produced in Multitek Sancaktepe production facilities.


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