Only you open your apartment door with the method you want!

While Multitek door panels increase security at the apartment door, it offers many solutions for the residents of the apartment to enter the apartment easily!

04 June 2022

Door unlocking via mobile phone app

With Multitek Cloud Intercom, you can connect live to the door of all the houses you own, make video calls, and open the door of your apartment via the Multitek Cloud application if you wish. When the doorbell rings, the mobile phone alert comes simultaneously to the phones of all family members defined in the apartment, information about which family member answered the door and missed calls are sent as alerts. The incoming call can be answered from the mobile phone as well as from the monitor in the flat and the door can be opened.

The application increases security and comfort by using it on garage doors or interior doors that need to be entered with approval. When the cargo and market order is received, the outer door can be opened via the mobile application even if the residents are not at home.

Door unlocking with face recognition

When your hands are full or when you do not want to touch the door panel used in public, you can open the door by just showing your face to the DIP70 door panel with 7" touch screen. In order to use the face recognition feature, all apartment residents must identify face data on the door panel once. Face data is stored in the DIP70 door panel. , also does not require a server, internet or computer.As face data is not kept on the internet or in a different location, it is 100% safe against hacking.

Opening the door with password

In all Multitek intercoms, each apartment sets its own door unlock code. In Multitek systems, there is no standard factory password that everyone knows. Each apartment determines its password on its own apartment monitor. Consecutive numbers or special dates (eg 1923, 1453) cannot be used when setting a password.

Opening a door with a proximity card

You can open the door easily with proximity card and mifare in Multitek door panels. You can easily track entry and exit data from the security console by creating special pass definitions for the staff using the common areas (e.g. floor 5 cleaning staff).



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