Special Jury Award from TESID to Multitek!

“20. TESID Innovation and Creativity Awards found their owners. Multitek mobile intercom project was awarded the Special Jury Award with IP Intercom in the Cloud

04 November 2022

Organized by the Turkish Electronics Industrialists Association (TESID), the “20. TESID Innovation and Creativity Awards” were given to their owners on September 29, 2022. Multitek mobile intercom project was deemed worthy of the Special Jury Award with IP Intercom in the Cloud. The award ceremony, which was held live online, can be watched on the TESID Youtube page.

The IP Intercom in the Cloud project was designed by the Multitek R&D Center as a project that offers smart home, intercom and security features that can be easily accessed by all users by reducing the hardware cost and was entitled to receive TÜBİTAK support. Developed by Turkish engineers and technicians at the Multitek R&D Center, the project offers different cloud solutions for villas, apartments and secure sites. Providing continuous access to all intercom and smart home features through a single door panel, the project was commercialized in 2022 and became the first locally produced cloud intercom.

The latest product of domestic R&D and domestic production at Multitek, Cloud IP Intercom aims to make Multitek a sought-after domestic brand in the global market by achieving commercial success in both domestic and international markets with its innovative structure and unique features.


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