Video Amplifier

Product Description

Video Amplifier

  • 1 input - 4 outputs
  • For cabling from flat to flat, 1 piece is supplied for up to 30 flats.
  • Product Code: 9G 02 01 0004
  • Full compatibility with Multibus wiring structure
  • High gain video outputs
  • Ability to adjust precise image level
  • Not affected by impedance changes in dispersed installation structures
  • Activating and deactivating the internal 75 ohm input resistor
  • 1 input 4 output connection terminals
  • Easy installation connection with screw female and male terminal structure
  • Mounting via rail type or screw
  • Feed LED indicator
  • Low power consumption
  • 1A current protected outputs
  • Ability to work with 18V / 24V supply voltage

 Working Voltage

 18V – 24V  


 20 mA


 100mm X 80mm x 35mm


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