Warranty Terms

1. The warranty period starts from the date of delivery of the goods to the consumer and is 2 (two) years.
2. The entire product, including all parts, is under our company's warranty.
3. In case of malfunction of the goods, the time spent in repair is added to the warranty period. The repair period of the goods is maximum 20 (twenty) working days. This period starts from the date of notification to the authorized service station or the seller of the fault related to the product within the warranty period. If there is no authorized service station at the consumer's location, the nearest authorized service station to the consumer is responsible for providing after-sales services. In case it is not possible to provide after-sales service at the nearest authorized service station to the consumer; Transportation, postal, cargo or similar transportation expenses cannot be claimed from the consumer regarding the transportation of the goods to the company center or another authorized service station and their return.
4. Consumer's failure notification; telephone, fax, e-mail, registered letter with return receipt or similar means. However, in case of dispute, the burden of proof regarding notification rests with the consumer.
5. If the defect cannot be fixed within ten working days from the delivery of the goods to the authorized service station or the seller within the warranty period, the manufacturer or the importer; Until the repair of the good is completed, it is obligatory to allocate another good with similar characteristics to the use of the consumer.
6. Replaced spare parts of authorized service stations for the goods they maintain and repair; It must be shown to the consumer within the warranty period.
7. The warranty period of the goods replaced during the warranty application is limited to the remaining warranty period of the purchased goods.
8. If the goods are found to be defective, the consumer:
a) Withdrawing from the contract by declaring that it is ready to return the sold item,
b) Withholding the sold item and requesting a discount from the sales price at the defect rate,
c) If it does not require an excessive expense, to request free repair of the sold item at the seller's expense,
ç) If possible, he may use one of his optional rights to request that the sold product be replaced with a non-defective one. The rights of free repair or replacement of the goods with a non-defective one can also be used against the manufacturer or the importer. The seller, the manufacturer and the importer are jointly responsible for the use of this right by the consumer.
9. If the consumer uses his right to free repair, the goods;
a) Failure again within the warranty period,
b) Exceeding the maximum time required for its repair,
c) In cases where it is determined by a report by the authorized service station, dealer, manufacturer or importer that it is not possible to repair; The consumer may request from the seller a refund of the price of the goods, a reduction in the rate of defects or, if possible, replacement of the goods with a non-defective one. In case the consumer chooses the right to replace the product with a non-defective product, the seller, manufacturer or importer must fulfill this request within a maximum of thirty business days following the notification of the request for replacement of the product with a non-defective product. However, the consumer's free repair request is fulfilled within the specified maximum repair period, if the maximum repair time is specified in the regulation. Otherwise, the consumer is free to use other optional rights.
10. In cases where the consumer chooses the right to withdraw from the contract or reduce the defect rate, the entire price paid or the amount of the discount made from the price is immediately returned to the consumer.
11. All costs incurred due to the exercise of optional rights are borne by the party fulfilling the right chosen by the consumer. The consumer may also claim compensation along with one of these optional rights.
12. In case of a dispute, for the resolution of your dispute; According to the price of the dispute, it is possible to apply to the Arbitration Committee for Consumer Problems or the Consumer Court within the body of the District Governorship at the place of residence or where the goods/services are purchased.
13. In case of malfunctions, whether there is a use error or not, authorized service stations, if there is no authorized service station, respectively; It is obligatory to determine with the report prepared by the seller, importer or manufacturer of the product within the maximum repair period regarding the product, and a copy of this report must be given to the consumer. Consumers can apply to the consumer arbitration committee or the consumer court, taking into account the monetary value of the dispute, with the request of an expert to determine regarding this report.
14. If this Warranty Certificate is not given by the seller, the consumer may apply to the Ministry of Customs and Trade, General Directorate of Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance.
15. Defects resulting from the use of the product contrary to the terms in the user manual are not covered by the warranty.

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