DIP01 IP Door Panel

Product Description

Single button door panel for villas and door fronts

Compatible with Cloud Intercom. All residents receive calls via Multitek Cloud app when doorbell rings. Even if there is no monitor in the system!



We are presenting intercom, smart home and security alarm management in a single device..

Houses are now smarter, more comfortable and safe with Multitek Smart Intercom. With intercom and smart home functions that can be managed simultaneously from the room monitor and users mobile phone manage your home as you like from wherever you like.


..and absolutely must have mobile control

Never miss a guest again! When the doorbell rings, a call comes to the mobile devices of all family members simultaneously. Who answers the call starts a video call with the guest and unlocks the door if needed.

  • Live video talk and door lock release

  • Single mobile application, unlimited number of doors, smart home devices

  • Access from anywhere in the world

  • When the door rings, the screenshot is saved in the application and on the room monitor

  • Control all intercom, smart home and security features via both room monitor and mobile phone

Stay connected to your building with advanced intercom features 

  • Excellent sound and image quality regardless of the number of flats
  • Unlimited simultaneous talking and messaging between apartments
  • Incoming calls from the door are instantly recorded on the room monitor
  • One-touch search for security, social units and other apartments
  • Adding and monitoring any number of external cameras from the room monitor
  • Each room has a unique password for building entrance
  • Connecting an unlimited number of apartments, elevators and security units
  • Simple network structure without additional infrastructure investment (computer, server etc. is not needed)
  • Different ringtone according to call type
  • Many more features such as emergency call, do not disturb me

Set up smart home control for increased comfort, security and savings

  • With its user-friendly interface, smart home control can be set up in minutes and used easily

  • Choose from different smart home protocols (KNX, RF and relay)

  • No need for an additional gateway or computer

  • Two-way feedback mechanism in KNX and RF systems

  • Customizable smart home scenarios (Timed and triggered)

  • Unlimited device connection capacity

  • Control via mobile phone and room monitor

Introduce security alarm devices for increased peace of mind

  • Integrated 8 alarm zones

  • Any number of heat, gas, smoke, PIR etc. all detectors can be added

  • Instant notification to security in case of alarm

  • Siren tying and siren sounding time setting

  • Arming / disarming the alarm by mobile phone, room monitor or remote control


  • Aluminum body
  • Water and dust resistant IP65 protection
  • Color changing touch call button and nameplate
  • Night vision LEDs
  • Door opening relay
  • Energy efficient


1 MP CMOS, darkness sensor, nigh vision LEDs

TFT Card

Can be inserted

CPU speed





4 GB





Connection protocol


Audio codec


Video codec


Network connection

Ethernet (PoE)

Operating voltage

12-24VDC (PoE)

Working current

190 mA stand-by, 250 mA active

Operating temperature

-10, +55°C


%20-95 uncondensed


Surface mount

Cabin material

Aluminium ve ABS plastic


120 x 160 x 30 mm

IP Protection


Easy Installation, Happy Users

The system is installed using FLAT MONITOR, DOOR PANEL, PoE SWITCH and ADAPTER.
All devices are connected to PoE SWITCH with CAT6 cable (or fiber cable is used for very long distance). Regardless of the number of apartments, the sound and video are of the same quality and perfect in all apartments.
An unlimited number of apartments, door panels, elevators, doormen, security, security cameras can be connected to the system. All are powered by the PoE switch.

No special training or knowledge is required to install or service the Multitek IP Intercom system. No special program or server is required for installation. If one of the devices is disabled, the rest will continue to work.

There is software that can be controlled via a computer to update and adjust the settings of the devices in the system.

For flush-mounted devices, a blind casing must be used.

For single family homes: CLOUD VILLA

  • It is used with DIP-01 door panel with aluminum body, water and dust resistant IP65 protection class.

  • An unlimited number of door panels, apartment monitors and external cameras can be connected to the system.

  • Unlimited number of door panels, apartment monitors and mobile user capacity

  • When the doorbell rings, all family members registered in the flat receive a call at the same time.

  • With the built-in relay in the product, the apartment door, garden door, garage door opens.

  • Alarm and smart home features are controlled by the apartment monitor


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