smart intercom in the cloud

Smart Intercom in the Cloud

No matter where you are in the world with Multitek, do not leave your home with you!

16 June 2021

With Multitek's new application, Smart Intercom in the Cloud, you can easily monitor all guests coming to your door from your mobile phone. The project, which was developed by Multitek engineers with the support of TÜBİTAK, is not only a first in Turkey, but also stands out as one of the leading applications in the world.

With the Smart Intercom in the Cloud, when your guest presses the doorbell, an instant call comes to their mobile phone. When you answer the call, you can video chat with the guest in front of the door and unlock the door without ever leaving your seat. Even if there is no call, you can connect to the door whenever you want and watch the movements in front of the door. In this way, intruders who come when you are not at home also stay away from your door, because it knows that the house can be monitored continuously with the Smart Intercom in the Cloud. With the application, which has options such as video recording from the door panel camera, taking pictures, turning on / off the door panel lights, you can record what happens in front of your door even when you are not at home.


If you are not available when a call comes in or you cannot look at the phone at that moment, the screenshot taken from the door panel is saved in the application. Thus, you can see who is knocking on your door at any time via your mobile phone.


There is no user and device limit in Smart IP Intercom in the Cloud. You can create your own custom solution by connecting any number of door panels and monitors to your home. An unlimited number of users can be connected to a door panel, when the doorbell rings, all monitors in the system and all registered phones ring simultaneously. You can answer the call on the monitor or on your mobile phone, depending on your preference.

DIP01-Cloud IP Door panel works smoothly in all conditions with its 120 degree camera angle, 2MP 720p camera, waterproof and dustproof IP65 protection level and aluminum body, it never stops protecting your door!



All of the door panels installed in different locations are controlled by sliding it to the side via the Multitek mobile phone application. For example, you can constantly monitor your office, home, and summer residence through a single application.

Smart Intercom in the Cloud from Multitek, the leader in technology, is ready for your service. The only one in Turkey, the pioneer in the world..



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