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Multitek Elektronik, a technology pioneer in intercom, aims to make homes accessible and safer with products and services belonging to the 100% domestic R&D project Bulut Intercom family, which it launched in 2022.

03 July 2022

Cloud Intercom – SECURITY solution is a mobile intercom solution offered for multi-apartment sites or apartments with security guards. With the Multitek Security Console located at the security point and the Multitek Cloud mobile application downloaded to the mobile devices of the residents, mobile intercom service is provided within minutes without any extra device or infrastructure costs.

With Bulut Intercom – SECURITY, the call made by the security officer is sent to the mobile phone of all family members living in the relevant flat at the same time as a mobile phone alert. The person answering the call can video chat with the security, see the incoming guest and make the necessary directions. With the external camera connected to the security point, you can see the front of the door with a wide angle and protect your site against intruders. There is no need for any additional device in the system other than the security console. If needed, the system can be expanded with cloud-based door panels, apartment monitors and smart home systems.

The only device needed for the SECURITY solution is the 100% domestic GUV-IP-100 Security Console developed and produced by Multitek. The system can work without apartment monitor or door panel. It is a fast and reliable solution for crowded sites that want to renew the intercom system but have problems in making a decision.

In Multitek Cloud, there is no room for changing the existing cabling, purchasing a new device and other expense items! Especially for residential sites, mobile technology is offered to the residents within minutes. Even if there are thousands of flats and tens of thousands of residents on the site, the service is delivered on the same day.

The SECURITY solution provides convenience for outside services when the resident is not at home. If the incoming cargo company is approved for water or market shopping, it is ensured that the products brought are left at the security point.

Bulut Interkom is a local Multitek R&D project completed with the support of TUBITAK. All software and hardware devices in the system are domestic; production is carried out in the modern production facilities of Multitek Elektronik in Sancaktepe, Istanbul.

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