linux ip intercom adds value to projects!

Linux IP Intercom Adds Value to Projects!

Comfort and security at home increase with Multitek IP Intercom System with Linux operating system.

03 April 2022

With the Multitek IP Intercom System with Linux operating system, comfort and security at home increase. The system designed for user convenience during both installation and use; It consists of apartment monitor, door panel and security console.

Linux IP Intercom System offers excellent image and sound quality in all flats regardless of the height of the building, the number of floors and the number of flats. Unlike conventional analog systems, the system, which has a digital infrastructure, provides the same high quality in every flat. While each system can have an unlimited number of flats, 4 parallel monitors can be connected to each flat.

The system's apartment monitor LIM-70 Apartment Monitor has a 7” touch screen, user-friendly stylish design, alarm feature and numerous additional features. Unlimited talking and messaging between apartments, watching 32 environmental cameras from the apartment, choosing a different ringtone according to the call type, seeing the screen image of the person coming to the door on the monitor are among the most used features of the Linux IP System.

LIK-35 Kapı Paneli

One of the biggest security vulnerabilities in apartment speech systems is defining a single password for the entire apartment or using a password that can be easily guessed. (eg 1234). There is no common password in Multitek systems, each apartment determines its own password through its own apartment monitor. In Multitek Linux IP LIK-35 Door Panel, the door is opened with proximity card and password. With the touch screen LIM-70 monitor, the password specific to the apartment is defined within seconds, and the desired frequency is updated.

Linux IP Intercom product of Multitek, which is a pioneer in developing and producing IP Intercom systems, is used safely in tens of thousands of homes. The products preferred in the projects carried out with the assurance of Emlak Konut, TOKİ and KİPTAŞ add value to homes with their easy installation and use capabilities. Among the mega projects where the product has been used in recent months, there are KİPTAŞ Silivri project (1486 flats), Emlak Konut DAP Yapı Ormanköy Project (944 flats), Demir İnşaat Demir County Project (1100 flats).

Demir Country


Kiptaş Silivri


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