sites are safe with ip security console!

Sites are safe with IP Security Console!

The Security Console (GUV-IP100) in the Multitek IP Intercom System product group provides comprehensive intercom and access management services for multi-block sites.

10 July 2021

The Security Console (GUV-IP100), included in the Multitek IP Intercom System product group, provides comprehensive intercom and access management services for multi-block sites. The console, which does not require an infrastructure investment such as an additional computer or database, is connected to the Multitek IP Intercom System with a CAT6 cable.

With the GUV-IP100s placed at the security point at the entrance of the site, the communication between security and apartments is provided uninterruptedly; If needed, with an external CCTV camera to be added to the security point, it is ensured that the camera image is displayed in the apartment when there is a call from the security. In this way, the resident of the apartment sees his guest and allows the passage. Besides the intercom features of the GUV-IP100; There are also features such as sending mass messages to apartments, messaging with apartments, recording caller-called apartment records, notifying the security in case of alarms, and working as a card pass system.

When the GUV-IP100 is used as a access control system, it provides fast installation and reporting opportunities. Door access proximity cards used by apartments can be defined, updated and deleted in minutes via GUV-IP100. The identification to be made for the cards in more than one block is performed via a single GUV-IP100 device. Also, there is no need for a card identification module. 5 proximity cards can be defined for each flat in the apartment and 50 cards can be defined for general use (for example, for cleaning personnel).

Door information obtained from the cards used for access is reported easily and at any time in different formats (eg Excel, pdf) with the Card Access System software developed by Multitek. The report includes name, surname, block number, house number, date and time information.



In the console, which is also used as the alarm management console, when the alarm devices in the apartments switch to alarm mode, the security device is instantly informed from which apartment the alarm came. In case of an alarm, the occupants of the apartment inform in advance what they want to do and ensure that their instructions are recorded in the console. For example, calling a different contact number on weekdays and calling a different contact number on weekends may be noted.



With its unique design, the console with a large 10" screen eliminates the problem of not transmitting sound in noisy environments by allowing conversation from the handset. Sites are safe with the comprehensive features and user-friendly design of the GUV-IP100!


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